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Constitution and Bylaws

Of the

Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology Alumni Association (CCASTAA)


08 December 2009


Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology (CCAST)

Bambili, North West Region, Cameroon




We, the Alumni of Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology (CCAST), in order to further develop the ideals of CCAST, promote better collaboration between CCAST and its Alumni, and support our members in their academic, professional and socio-economic welfare do hereby adopt this Constitution.


Article I: Name, Authority, Location, Languages & Fiscal Year


Section 1: Name


The name of the Association shall be Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology Alumni Association, hereinafter referred to as CCASTAA.


Section 2: Authority


  1. CCASTAA shall possess the authority to direct, control, supervise and manage its business, property and funds. It shall also embark on activities and projects to advance its objectives.


  1. CCASTAA shall operate as a non-profit organization under the laws of the Republic of Cameroon.


  1. CCASTAA shall not engage in or support activities (other than as an insubstantial part thereof) which in themselves are not in furtherance of its purposes (including tax exempt benefits).


Section 3: Locations


The main office of CCASTAA shall be located in the North West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. If necessary, other Chapter/Club offices shall be opened within Cameroon and/or abroad. The board reserves the right to transfer or relocate the main office as deemed necessary, upon a two-thirds vote by the general assembly.


Section 4: Languages


The working languages of CCASTAA shall be English and French.


Section 5: Fiscal Year


CCASTAA fiscal year shall run from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.



Article II: Objectives


The main objective of the Alumni Association shall be to support the socioeconomic and professional advancement of its members as well as forge a strong relationship with CCAST Bambili. Specifically, the objectives are:


  1. 1.To serve as a medium that will allow members to support each other professionally by suggesting job/career/Academic opportunities, coaching, referrals and recommendations.


  1. 2.To support members socioeconomically by offering financial and material support during life changing events such as weddings, graduations, death of a close relative etc.


  1. 3.To establish a mutually beneficial relationship and promote better understanding between CCASTAA and CCAST Bambili and for CCASTAA members to serve as Ambassadors of the College.


  1. 4.To help CCAST Bambili fulfill its mission in every way possible by providing: Financial, Academic and Professional support from CCASTAA members and other well wishers.


  1. 5. To serve as a medium that will allow the spirit of fraternity and mutual support to flourish among its members.


Article III: Membership


Section 1: Regular Members


Regular membership shall be open to any individual who received either a General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O/L) or General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A/L) or both from CCAST Bambili. Regular members are entitled to all rights, privileges, and obligations of membership as defined below:


  1. 1.Right to attend all meetings of CCASTAA’s Board of Directors
  2. 2.Right to vote at all general meetings of CCASTAA.
  3. 3.Right to hold any Office in CCASTAA.
  4. 4.Right to participate in all programs organized by CCASTAA.
  5. 5.Obligated to fill and sign the membership form.
  6. 6.Obligated to pay a one time registration fee of $10.00
  7. 7.Obligated to pay annual membership dues of $20.00




Section 2: Special Membership


Special membership is open to any individual who attended, but never graduated from CCAST Bambili. Special members shall be accorded all the rights, privileges and obligations of regular members as defined in Article III, Section 1 excluding the right to become an Officer of the Association.


Section 3: Affiliate Membership


Affiliate membership shall be granted to spouses and children of all regular and special members; to friends and well wishers of CCASTAA and CCAST Bambili. Affiliate members shall be accorded all the rights, privileges and obligations of regular members as defined in Article III, Section 1 excluding the right to vote or become an Officer of the Association.


Section 4: Revocation of Membership


All members of CCASTAA are required to conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the policies of CCASTAA, CCAST Bambili and laws of the Republic of Cameroon or any Country where the CCASTAA Chapter/Class is based. CCASTAA reserves the right to revoke the membership of any Association member who fails to comply with these policies or laws.


Membership is also lost in the event of death or voluntary withdrawal in accordance with the by-laws.


Section 5: Reinstatement of Membership


Any CCASTAA member whose membership has been revoked can petition the Association’s Board of Directors through writing to have their membership reinstated. Upon reviewing the request, the Board shall vote on whether to approve the reinstatement. A simple majority is required to reinstate the member.

Article IV: Organization and Function

Section 1: Organization

The organs of the CCASTAA shall be:

  1. 1.The General Assembly
  2. 2.The Officers
  3. 3.The Board of Trustees
  4. 4.Committees
  5. 5.Chapter Clubs
  6. 6.Class Clubs
  7. 7.Auditor/Auditing Commission


Section 2: The General Assembly


The General Assembly shall:


  1. 1.Comprise all members of CCASTAA.
  2. 2.Meet once a year at a designated location selected during the previous General Assembly
  3. 3.Be presided over by the President of CCASTAA.
  4. 4.Hear and approve reports of the activities of the President and Financial Secretary.
  5. 5.Examine and adopt the annual budget.
  6. 6.Examine and decide on new/old projects, and a calendar of activities.
  7. 7.Elect the Officers.
  8. 8.Meet in extraordinary sessions, which can only be convened on special invitation by the President after the recommendation of the Board of Trustees, or in response to the request of at least half of the active members.


Section 3: The Officers


  1. 1.The Officers of CCASTAA shall be:
    1. i.President,
    2. ii.Vice President
    3. iii.Secretary
    4. iv.Treasurer
    5. v. Programs/Development Officer
    6. vi.Public Relations Officer
    7. vii.General Counsel
    8. viii.IT Officer


All Officers outlined above constitute the Executive Committee.


  1. 2.The term of office for all Officers shall be two (2) years.


  1. 3.No Officer shall be elected to serve more than 2 consecutive terms in the same position.


Section 4: The Board of Trustees or Advisors


  1. 1.There shall be a Board of Trustees of CCASTAA (herein referred to as THE BOARD) comprised of 9 elected board members (Advisers).


  1. 2.The Board of Trustees will include a Chairperson and a Secretary, both elected from the 9 voting members of the Board. The Board shall perform other functions including, but not limited to, convening extraordinary General Assembly meetings to elect new Officers if necessary, and reviewing and adopting the President's report.


Section 5: Committees


  1. 1.The classes of committees of CCASTAA may include:
    1. i.Standing Committees as created by these by-laws and Rules & Regulations. Standing Committees shall perform a continuing function and be permanent.
    2. ii.Special Committees, which may be created by the President or the Board. The life of any Special Committee shall terminate at the end of the administrative year in which it was created unless provided for otherwise. The membership and function of a Special Committee shall be adequately described upon its creation.


  1. 2.All committees shall report to the Board or its designated representative. The designated representative should either be a member of the Board or have participated during the 2 previous administrative years in CCASTAA activities. The designated representative can be given the title of “Deputy Officer”.


  1. 3.The President shall submit to the Board for its approval at the first meeting of the administrative year an organizational chart showing the structure of committee reporting. The organizational chart should contain an addendum adequately describing the membership and function of all Special Committees.


  1. 4.The Standing Committees are as follows:


  1. i.Electoral Committee


  1. a.An electoral committee shall be voted by the board of trustees to oversee the elections, and presented to the general assembly for approval.
  2. b.Candidates shall be nominated by the general assembly, or self nominated. In case there is no candidate for a position, the Board of Trustees shall propose


  1. c.The Elections Committee shall receive nominations for qualified candidates for positions as Officers, Trustees and Advisors. In the event a Trustee or Advisor is nominated for a position as an Officer, a simultaneous nomination shall be made for the unexpired term, if any, of such Trustee or Advisor.
  2. d.The Elections Committee shall submit a list of those nominated to the Board for its review.
  3. e.Nominations of qualified candidates may also be made by petition in writing to the Secretary not later than two months before the date of the annual election. The petition shall contain the signatures of not less than 10 voting members, and a written statement from the nominee expressing a willingness to serve if elected.
  4. f.The Elections Committee shall ensure the distribution of a secret ballot to all voting members at least 15 days prior to the date of the annual election.
  5. g.The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes cast for the office sought shall be deemed elected.
  6. h.Those elected shall assume the duties and powers of their respective offices on the first day of the administrative year following the annual election.
  7. i.The position of “immediate past president” (as used in these by-laws and any Rules or Regulations adopted by CCASTAA is defined as that person, other than the current President, who last served as the President of CCASTAA at the end of an administrative year. In the event that such person is unavailable or unwilling to fulfill the duties of "immediate past president," this position shall be filled by Presidential appointment.
  8. j.The internet shall be the primary method of voting. Members in similar locations around the world can vote by paper ballot, and submit them to the electoral committee via the internet.


  1. ii.The Budget and Planning Committee


It shall be comprised of the Treasurer as Chair, the Vice-President, a past President (chosen by the Board) and two other members of CCASTAA who are not current Officers. Others may be invited to sit on the Committee in an ex officio capacity. The duties of this Committee shall include the preparation of an annual operating budget for the next fiscal year in time for its presentation to the Board prior to the beginning of that fiscal year, the interpretation of the current operating budget, and the review and updating of the current budget on a quarterly basis.


  1. iii.Other Committees:


Apart from the committees herein listed, the President or Board may, from time to time, create additional committees with such powers and duties as the Board may prescribe. Other CCASTAA members may be co-opted to these committees upon approval of the Board.



Section 6: Chapter Clubs


  1. 1.Chapter Clubs Formation and By-laws:


Any group of CCASTAA members residing in any geographical area around the world and affording the opportunity for convenient assembly, wishing to organize an alumni Chapter, may request a charter from the CCASTAA Board of Trustees, adopting by-laws in compliance with CCASTAA by laws, the regional Laws governing such an association within the geographical area, and recording such approved by-laws, and any subsequent approved revision thereof, with the Board of Trustees. Upon formal written notification of the approval and adoption of said by-laws, the Board of Trustees shall charter the Chapter as an official Chapter CCASTAA.


  1. 2.Chapter Club Status:

To maintain its charter, each Chapter Club shall hold at least one meeting each calendar year. Additionally, Chapter clubs are encouraged to conduct a variety of club activities on behalf of CCASTAA. Each Chapter club shall submit to the Board of Trustees each year a summary of its past year's activities and a financial statement.


  1. 3.Chapter Club Membership:

Membership to CCASTAA provides membership in the Chapter club. No additional membership dues may be charged by a Chapter club. Chapter clubs are encouraged to undertake CCASTAA approved activities which will provide the financial resources and stability needed to achieve Chapter club purposes, as long as these activities are within the non-profit purposes of CCASTAA.


Section 7: Class Clubs


  1. 1.Formation:


Each graduating class of CCAST Bambili shall have the right to form a Class Club. There shall be two Class clubs for each graduating year: one representing Upper Cycle and the other representing the Lower Cycle. There will only be one Class Club for classes that graduated before the addition of the Lower Cycle.


  1. 2.Class Clubs By-Laws:

Class clubs shall be governed by the same By-laws that govern CCASTAA.


Section 8: Vacancies


  1. 1.A vacancy (through voluntary or involuntary resignation, incapacitation or death) in the Office of President shall be filled by the Vice-President as acting President until the Board elects a new President.
  2. 2.A vacancy in the Office of Vice-President, the other Officers, Secretary, Treasurer or Advisor shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by Presidential appointment with the consent of the Board.
  3. 3.In the event that there is a vacancy in the office of the President and the Vice-President is unavailable or unwilling to serve as President, the Secretary shall serve as acting President until all of the vacant positions are filled for the rest of the remaining term. Vacancies in the office of the President shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees at a duly called meeting of the Board within 3 months of the vacancy.


Section 9: Annual Meeting


An annual General Assembly meeting of the CCASTAA membership shall be held on a

convenient date in July, as the fiscal year will run from July 1st through June 30th. During an election year, all Officers and Board members shall be sure to submit all pertinent documents to meeting organizers prior to the General Assembly meeting.


Section 10: Dissolution


In the event CCASTAA is dissolved, all net assets of any nature whatsoever shall be disbursed as per a decision made by the General Assembly. The General Assembly shall ensure that all assets are disbursed for charitable purposes only.


Section 11: Amendments


  1. 1.Amendments to these by-laws shall be submitted to the Board in writing and forwarded to the General Assembly for ratification at the next General Assembly meeting.
  2. 2.Any amendments to the by-laws shall be made by a simple majority vote granting a 70% quorum of active members.


Section 12: Adoption and Effect


Upon the adoption of these by-laws, all previous by-laws inconsistent herewith shall be superseded, and these by- laws shall become effective on.





Article: V Rules and Regulation


Section 1: Incorporation of Organization


CCASTAA shall operate as a non-profit corporation/organization under the laws of the State of Cameroon, in accordance with the Certificate of Incorporation, the amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation, and any other amendments thereto.


Section 2: Agreements


CCASTAA shall abide to the constitution of CCAST BAMBILI.


Section 3: Administrative and Fiscal Years


The administrative year and the fiscal year of CCASTAA shall be July 1st to June 30th.


Section 4: Meetings


  1. Annual Meetings: CCASTAA membership shall be informed of the date of the annual meeting by a CCASTAA publication or other suitable means.


  1. Chapter and Class Clubs: Each Chapter and/or Class Club shall decide how frequent they want to meet.


  1. Mode of Meetings : CCASTAA annual meetings shall be attended in person. Committees, Class and Chapter Clubs meetings can be held through Phone Conference calls, Physical presence or by means of the internet.



Section 5: Nominations and Elections


  1. 1.The date of the annual election shall be determined by Board resolution.
  2. 2.The Elections Committee [as defined in Article IV Section 5(4)(i) of this constitution] shall receive nomination notifications from candidates intending to run for office. Eligible candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by other members.
  3. 3.The Elections Committee shall submit a list of those nominated for inclusion on the meeting agenda of the Board.
  4. 4.The Elections Committee shall ensure the distribution of a secret election ballot to all voting members of CCASTAA, by all means available to the association (internet included). The ballot shall contain the names of all nominees approved by the Board and those properly nominated by petition, a brief biography of each nominee, a means for recording on the ballot the vote of each member, and a means for the return of ballots to the Elections Committee. The Committee shall open all sealed ballots postmarked on or before the date set for the annual election and report the results of the election to the Board. The Board shall then announce the results via appropriate channels.






Section 6: Duties of the Officers


  1. 1.The President shall:
    1. i.Preside over the Annual Meeting and all Executive Committee meetings of CCASTAA.
    2. ii.Be responsible for the execution of the business affairs of CCASTAA.
    3. iii.Appoint all committee chairpersons in consultation with the Board and fill all committee vacancies, except as herein provided, and shall be an ex officio member of each committee.
    4. iv.Approve the appointment of all committee members except as herein provided.
    5. v.Represent CCASTAA in all public, private, national and international occasions.
    6. vi.Perform all other duties incidental to the Office or as may be prescribed by the Board or the by-laws.
    7. vii.Encourage the formation of Chapter and Class Clubs.


  1. 2.The Vice-President shall:
    1. i.Assist the President in all such matters as the President may desire or direct.
  2. 3.The Secretary shall:
    1. i.Ensure the availability, utility, veracity and continuity of all official records and documents.
    2. ii.Prepare agenda of meetings in collaboration with the President.
    3. iii.Write and disseminate the minutes of meetings of Executive and the General Assembly.
    4. iv.Update the registers and documents of the secretariat.


  1. 4.The Treasurer shall:
    1. i.Ensure the availability and accuracy of all financial records.
    2. ii.Be responsible for the receiving of all monies of CCASTAA
    3. iii.Be responsible for depositing and transferring of all monies of CCASTAA in accounts authorized by the Board.


  1. 5.Programs/Development Officer shall:
    1. i.Formulate and direct programs for CCASTAA.
    2. ii.Ensure adequate funding and smoothing running of approved and/or authorized programs by a quorum of the Boards and the General Assembly.


  1. 6.Public Relations Officer shall:
    1. i.Control, coordinate and ensure effective and efficient dissemination of information within and out of CCASTA.
    2. ii.Formulate and direct programs which will communicate and enhance the mission and objectives of CCASTAA.
    3. iii.Ensure the standards, image and prestige of CCASTAA is maintained to all audience.
    4. iv.Direct programs for recruiting and managing members to oversee CCASTAA communications.


  1. 7.General Counsel shall:
    1. i.Represent CCASTAA in all legal and civil matters


  1. 8.IT Officer shall:
    1. i.Formulate an effective IT strategy for CCASTAA



Section 7: Board of Trustees or Advisors


  1. 1.The Board shall meet at least 2 times during the administrative year. Meetings of the Board shall be called by the Board Chair, who will ensure that the meeting format is convenient to most Board members.
  2. 2.The position of Chair of the Board cannot be held by any current Officer.
  3. 3.A quorum at all meetings of the Board shall consist of at least 5 Board members.
  4. 4.Approval of matters coming before meetings of the Board shall be by a majority vote of the Board members present provided they constitute a quorum.
  5. 5.Each member of the Board shall receive a written agenda of each Board meeting at least 6 days prior to the scheduled date of the meeting.
  6. 6.Board meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the by-laws and Rules & Regulations of CCASTAA.


Section 8: Auditor and Audit Commission


There shall be an Auditor who shall be retained annually by the President with the

consent of the Board. The Auditor shall be directed to audit all the financial records of CCASTAA at the end of each fiscal year. S/he shall submit separate reports for each fund. The Auditor shall be a Certified Public Accountant or have a certification in accounting process. S/he shall create and direct the Auditing Commission.



Section 9: Removal of Board of Trustees Members


  1. 1.Any Officer may be removed from office by the Board for reasons including but not limited to:
    1. i.Mismanagement of funds.
    2. ii.Failure to attend 2 consecutive meetings
    3. iii.Failure both to adequately perform his/her duties and attend 2 consecutive meetings of either the Board or the Executive Committee without a valid reason and without prior notice to the board.







  1. 2.Any member of the Board may be removed for misconduct of office. Before any vote is taken to remove such member from the Board for misconduct, a written legal opinion of the General Counsel shall be sought


  1. 3.Removal of any member from the Board shall require a two-thirds vote of all those members present at a duly called meeting of the Board. The member in removal proceedings shall be notified in writing of the Board's intention, place and date of the extra-ordinary meeting and would be given an opportunity to respond or defend him/herself during the extra-ordinary meeting convened for this purpose.


Section 10: Indemnification and Settlement


  1. 1.CCASTAA shall indemnify its Officers, Trustees, Advisors and all other representatives to the fullest extent permitted under the law. The right of indemnification provided in this section shall not be deemed exclusive of any other right to which the said persons may be entitled apart from this section.


  1. 2.The President of CCASTAA may settle any judgment, suit, lien or claim of indemnification against CCASTAA or any one or more of its representatives provided that:
    1. i.the liability was incurred during the performance of a function authorized by the association;
    2. ii.the President or his/her designee has obtained a written legal opinion from the General Counsel of CCASTAA that such settlement is reasonable and in accordance with, and otherwise permitted by, state law; and
    3. iii.the settlement is approved by a two-thirds vote of those present and eligible to vote at a duly called meeting of the Board.


Section 11: Official Records


  1. 1.The voting and non-voting rosters shall be updated periodically
  2. 2.All published minutes of Board and Executive Committee meetings shall be permanently bound at the end of each administrative year.
  3. 3.The By-laws, Rules & Regulations of CCASTAA including all financial reports shall be accessible to all members, made public (online) and shall be updated periodically.





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