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Asong Suh (Class of ’98)

Welcome to the CCAST Alumni Association (CCASTAA) webpage.  The genesis of CCASTAA resulted from an unfortunate incident that happened during a strike by the University of Buea Students in Buea, Cameroon back on 28th April 2005. 

During those strikes, one of the students who lost his life was Gilbert Forlem- a CCAST graduate from the  class of 1998.  In late 2008, Late Forlem’s CCAST classmates from Class of ’98 wanted to make a contribution to his family.  The Gilbert Forlem Project as it was called was carried out successfully.

However, in the course of executing the Project, the organizers encountered several obstacles resulting from the lack of a well organized and legally functional group.  Discussions started amongst some members of the Class of ’98 on how to better organize in order to assist one another Professionally, Socio-Economically and Academically.  These discussions morphed into an even bigger question- Why does CCAST Bambili- arguably one of the most important Institutions in English Speaking Cameroon founded as far back as 1962- not have an Alumni Association? It was mid 2009 when this question was posed and since then a group of volunteers have set out to change this i.e. form an Alumni Association for CCAST.

The group started out by deciding what to call the new organization – Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology Alumni Association – CCASTAA. Although the CCASTAA Project is still ongoing, we are happy to highlight some of the achievements so far:

  • Writing of a new Constitution and By Laws to govern CCASTAA.
  • Visiting the Administration of CCAST Bambili to inform them of the CCASTAA Project.
  • Registering CCASTAA domain and building a website for the organization
  • Continuous efforts to ‘spread’ the word about CCASTAA using Social media and other means.
  • Laying the groundwork to legally register CCASTAA in the United States and Cameroon
  • Working towards a formal launching of CCASTAA in the United States.

Our immediate efforts are concentrated on launching CCASTAA in the U.S. State of Maryland on the weekend of August 19th - 21st 2011 and hope to see you there.  After this maiden launch, we plan to continue launching CCASTAA branches around the Globe.

With the 50th Anniversary of CCAST Bambili coming up in 2012, we truly believe that this is an historic moment for all CCAST Alumni to come together and build an organization that will work with CCAST Bambili to give future generations of Cameroonians better opportunities of Education as well as help its members Professionally, Socio-Economically and Academically.

Thanks for visiting the site and we hope you will leave a suggestion on how to help build CCASTAA.


Asong Suh (Class of ’98)

On behalf of the Organizing Committee


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