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Although the University of Buea Congregation, condemns violence on unarmed students, many an evil genius from its fettered Senate,escape its scarlet clutches,in fact many are iodoform-violent Glory be to their Chancellery! They can kill-for-office, yet Would proclaim on Convocation Day that they won the MahatmaGandhi prize,Even Before Madiba-Noble Soul-graduated from Robben Island. By Bate Besong


Born  In August 1976, Gilbert Nforlem Forbi (CCASTARIAN 1998 BATCH) was the first Son in a family of eight- A Post Graduate Zoology student who was shot and killed In April 2005 by  Police in Cameroon During a  Student Protest at the state Run University of Buea. Gilbert Had Barely  left his room to pick up a corrected version of his Thesis from his supervisor when police officers opened fire on him. His Parents , father and Mother , Hailed respectively from Nkwen and Bafut in the North west Region of Cameroon. Late Girlbert Father , Pa Nforlem siad his son is a Good Boy " Gilbert was a very Good , Honest and Hardworking  "Gilbert was a very good, honest and hardworking boy, who followed all instructions. I have educated this boy from class one to master's degree level only for him to be killed by the police," -"It really pains my heart. I feel as to die, because he is the one to support his brothers but they have killed him. Now that I am old, who will support his brothers?"


In 2008 Alumni Students and Classmates of the 1998 Batch started a project in which they contributed a financial package to assist the family and commemorate the deceased classmate.

A delegation led by Francis Njinjoh from Germany, Azinui Ngufor and Akumbom Makokiyu were chosen to carry out this emotional mission. 28th Dec 2008 was the day the parents set to receive us. At 3 PM we started with a word of prayer by Azinui over the grave of our fallen brother. Then we sat down for a chat with the mother of the house. At this time the father of the house was not around.
There were a couple of other people in the house so we thought it wise not to raise the dust by announcing the sum we had just to the mother of Forlem Gilbert.
We handed in a total of 310,000FCFA to the mother.
We were forced to eat and drink something after several refusals from us because we had a tight program that day.  We just decided to respect the family and it was not a bad idea because we
enjoyed the Okro soup and fish with some fufu. It was really delicious. We equally met with his siblings. You will see from the pictures that his junior brother looks exactly like him.
The father later joined us and gave a very emotional talk on his son. He actually burst into tears. He was very thankful without haven even seen the token from us.
He asked us to extend their warm feelings and appreciation to you all. 


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